4_SPrg EN VerProject G5014 “Holographic and Impulse Subsurface Radar for Landmine and IED Detection”

General project objectives

Develop a remotely-operable, robotic, multi-sensor device for detection of UXO, mines, and IEDs based on subsurface radar with imaging and target classification to discriminate dangerous targets from harmless clutter.

Specific project objectives

This project will: a) directly compare the detection performance of existing holographic and impulse radars, electromagnetic induction, and Infrared imaging for landmines, UXO and IEDs under different soil conditions using rigorous statistical analyses; b) construct a high spatial resolution scanner for subsurface object detection and classification using new holographic radar and acoustic technologies and subject it to the same testing as existing technologies as in (a) above; c) develop target classification algorithms for the scanner in (b) above (based on shape, dimensions, and casing/component material characteristics) to make substantial progress in the reliability (detection rate) and productivity (false alarm rate and scanning speed) for detection of explosive devices. We will quantify the effects of soil texture, mineralogy, surface roughness, and moisture content and moisture chemistry on the probability of detection (PD) and probability of false alarm (PFA) for existing holographic and impulse radar, electromagnetic induction, acoustic, and thermal methods, and combine the best-performing methods in a single, multi-channel, high-resolution automated scanner.

Project outcomes
    • Identify existing highly portable, low-cost detection technologies for detection   of hidden explosive devices.
    • Quantify their performance under realistic and variable field conditions.
    • Combine the best-performing technologies into a still-portable, and still-low-cost combined-sensor system.
    • Develop target recognition methods that are effective (high Probability of Detection), efficient (low Probability of False Alarm), and operable by relatively untrained personnel (to make the system usable by locals rather than requiring experts from half a world away).
Project motivations
  • Landmines and IEDs are still a major problem for civilians in many post conflict countries and in areas of new conflicts.
  • Irregular armies often produce these explosive devices without design standards using low cost methods.
  • This is the major challenge for detection technologies that must be capable of detecting also non-metallic materials and objects with different dimensions and shapes.

The main goal of the "Advanced Research Workshop on Explosives Detection" is to find out how SPS projects in the field of Explosives Detection contribute to the development and/or refinement of scientific and technical knowledge and competencies. The findings of the workshop will help us determine future actions and direction of the SPS Programme in the field of explosives detection and management.

Workshop Program and Details