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Workshop University of Florenze 17-18 october 2018 University of Florence 19-23 march 2018 Kharkiv at IRE-NASU 8-11 may 2017 US in Kharkiv and Donbass august 2016 NATO SPS Information day Kyiv 26-27 may 2016 Poster SPS Information Day in Kyiv, Ukraine 27 may 2016 Meeting in Ukraine january 2016 G5014 kickoff agenda_final


Project G5014 “Holographic and Impulse Subsurface Radar for Landmine and IED Detection” General project objectives Develop a remotely-operable, robotic, multi-sensor device for detection of UXO, mines, and IEDs based on subsurface radar with imaging and target classification to discriminate dangerous targets from harmless clutter. Specific project objectives This project will: a) directly compare the detection performance … Continua a leggere Home


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